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Somatic Movement Therapy in Singapore

We provide somatic movement (mind-body) education to help all clients achieve optimal physical and mental well-being, according to their unique needs and goals.

This means that YOU design your growth process.


At Chuan Studio, we offer somatic exercise therapy in Singapore. Our private 1-on-1 somatic movement therapy session is designed for personalised and self-directed learning using the following movement methods.

Somatic Movement Therapy Singapore

What Is Somatic Movement Education?

The word “somatic” means “relating to the body” and is thus commonly used in medical terminology—for example, there are somatic cells, somatic disorders, and somatic nervous systems.


Likewise, somatic body movement is a form of body-centred therapy. The term “somatic movement education” was coined by Thomas Hanna in 1970 to refer to several exercise techniques that help individuals increase bodily awareness by combining movement and relaxation.


Hence, somatic movements refer to any practice that focuses on the mind-body connection and encourages an assessment of the internal self. During this process of assessment, the body should signal to the mind where there are areas of discomfort, tension, or imbalance.


Somatic movement therapy is performed slowly and requires a focus on the internal experience rather than the external appearance of the movement.

Somatic Exercise Therapy Singapore

How Does Somatic Movement Work?

Sensory feedback.

Somatic movement encourages individuals to pay attention to sensory feedback from the body. This practice involves awareness of the sensations, tensions, and imbalances within muscles and joints, allowing you to identify and address areas of discomfort.


Slow and gentle movements.

Somatic exercises involve slow, deliberate, and gentle movements. Such movements allow the brain and nervous system to gradually process and learn new patterns.


Conscious relaxation.

By consciously releasing tension and stress from the body, you can encourage your nervous system to enter a state of relaxation.


Why Perform Somatic Body Movement Exercises?

Pain and tension relief. Somatic exercise therapy can help release chronic muscular tension, allowing individuals to experience greater relaxation and comfort.

Increases bodily awareness. Somatic exercises require you to pay close attention to the internal experience of movement. Hence, it increases your bodily awareness and helps you better understand your physical needs and limitations.

Improves flexibility. By performing somatic exercises, you can retrain your nervous system and muscles, thus leading to greater flexibility and range of motion.


Improves posture. Somatic exercises lead to the release of tightness and tension in your muscles, thus promoting proper spinal alignment and improved posture.

Somatic Movement Education in Singapore

Join us at Chuan Studio today for somatic exercise therapy in Singapore. Our classes will help enhance your mind-body connection, improving your well-being and relieving your stress and pain.

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