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Self-Directed Learning

Our vision is to provide an environment conducive for self-directed learning through movement. We believe everyone has the potential to become an independent learner, where you can direct your own learning.


Learning – organic, experiential learning.

Freedom, Process, Choice

Our daily movements and actions are all deeply ingrained but few people are aware that these second nature habits can be improved to an astonishing degree. When we learn or relearn old things with new information, we will be pleasantly surprised at the new results – whether it leads to less pain, better coordination or fluidity of movement – they all point to an enriching state of full, dynamic living.


Owning the ability to choose what you want and how you want to move.

Freedom To Choose


Learning new movements, unlearning old and pain-causing movements, relearning new and more efficient ways of moving.

Learning To Learn

Learning Is Process

Learning To Move

Movement Is Process


Life Is Process And Movement


Having movement choice which lead to full, dynamic living.

Knowing That There Is More Than One Way

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