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“Pilates is for EVERY BODY.“

Kian Lee believes and practises this to the core.


Her entry into the fitness industry as a full-time Personal Trainer was more than a decade ago in 2002. But it was only some years later that Kian Lee discovered and began to understand and marvel at how Pilates is such a fundamental component of any sports and fitness regime.


More than that, even for the ordinary man and woman out there, Pilates offers something that is so critical to daily living – optimal movement patterns for one to function efficiently in daily tasks and activities. Thus, Kian Lee believes that Pilates is for EVERY BODY.


Twinning her experience as a Personal Trainer with her Pilates training, Kian Lee adapts her teaching methodology to suit different clients’ needs so that both instructor and client experience success: her sessions are effective, and her clients meet their fitness goals.


A firm believer that mindfulness is a building block to better physical and mental, Kian Lee practices Pilates to retreat from the stresses of daily life to focus on her body, movement and breath, and to simply – live in the moment. Her favourite quote for people who live in this fast-paced society is by Amit Ray, “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”


And when she wants to retreat even further from the daily grind, Kian Lee ventures out of the studio. An avid scuba diver, she explores the underwater world at least once a year and aspires to engage in coral reefs conservation work in the near future.


  • Certified in Comprehensive Studio Pilates by Polestar Pilates, USA

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Personal Trainer, The Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness

  • Bachelor of Business Degree, NTU

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