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Jo's journey into Pilates commenced 15 years ago, spurred by a quest to find a complementary exercise regimen to balance her high-intensity sports and dance activities. Pilates emerged as the perfect antidote, offering a harmonious blend of serenity and mental focus while providing a solid foundation to fortify her core and elongate muscles post vigorous workouts.


Her appreciation and understanding of Pilates deepened significantly when confronted with adversity - enduring two back injuries and undergoing two knee surgeries for ACL and Meniscus reconstruction due to her athletic pursuits. Through these challenges, Jo experienced first-hand the transformative power of mindful movement practices. With each precise movement, each intentional breath, she witnessed her body's remarkable resilience and transformation, gaining strength, improving posture, and forging a profound mind-body connection.


For Jo, Pilates transcended mere physical exercise; it became a holistic practice that nurtured both body and mind. The intricate interplay between mental focus and physical movement highlighted the symbiotic relationship between mind and body. This connection inspired her to delve deeper into holistic living, prompting her current pursuit of certification in Nutrition and Behavioral Change.


Jo is passionate about sharing her journey and empowering others to discover the transformative potential of Pilates.

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