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“Be in control of your body and not at its mercy” – Joseph Pilates.

Being an active and outgoing person, Connie is no stranger to the body aches and sports injuries. Recurrent lower back injuries due to poor posture habit and movement brought Connie into the world of Pilates and she has never looked back.


Pilates has helped Connie to develop her sense of self-body awareness, eliminating muscle imbalances, building core strength and flexibility as well as better efficient movement strategies for common daily activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs and more.

Having spent years in the corporate world grappling with the hectic and stressful work schedule, Pilates is the world Connie retreats into when she needs to recondition her body and relax her mind.


Connie’s philosophy is that every practice and client is unique. Her approach to teaching is holistic and individualized, emphasizing on alignment, strength-building, mobility and the integration of poses with proper breathing techniques as well as creating positive movement experience.

On days when she is not practicing, you can catch her out in the sun running, traipsing around the world or simply chilling at cafes.


  • Certified in Comprehensive Studio Pilates by Polestar Pilates, USA

  • Bachelor in Business (Property), University of South Australia

  • Certified Sports Massage Therapist

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