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“Change happens through movement and movement heals” – Joseph Pilates


Angelina’s life was active, happy and full – marathons, triathlons, diving, rock climbing and long distance cycling. Also keeping her active at heart were activities she does with her dogs. She started volunteering with Therapy Dog Singapore and two years later, she adopted another non-profit organization to help people with disabilities participate in mainstream sports. Running as a guide for the visually challenged, she was constantly amazed at their determination and endurance, and how they always outran her.


A couple of years ago when Angelina experienced lower back pain after rock climbing, initially the doctor thought it was just a sprain. But the situation didn’t improve after weeks of physiotherapy and rest. The pain continued to bug her for years and it wasn’t until she enrolled herself in a Pilates Instructor course that things took a turn for the better. A few months into the course, the pain in her lower back had completely disappeared. She could finally sit on hard surfaces and bend backwards without tears.


Angelina’s experience echoes what Joseph Pilates had said : “You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions, and have a completely new body in 30 sessions.” Not only was her pain eliminated, she has a new body that is two centimetres taller. She is also stronger, more flexible, has control of her body through Pilates and the comfort of doing the things that she used to.


  • Certified in Comprehensive Studio Pilates by Polestar Pilates, USA

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