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“No man ever steps in the same river twice; for it is not the same river and he’s not the same man.” 




Like water.

Feeding into an ocean that returns as refreshing rain only to overflow down the river once again.

With cleansing power. Symbolising healing, fluidity, purification, regeneration, stability, strength, change, fertility and life-giving energy.


With crystal clarity. Reflecting our present state and pouring itself back into the empowerment of life on earth.

Chuan is life as it should be. Life as it should be lived.

What Do We Do?

At Chuan Studio Singapore, we are committed to empowering individuals to discover the transformative potential of mindful movement. Thus, we provide somatic (mind-body) education using a movement and directed attention approach in a conducive environment to achieve optimal physical and mental well-being for all clients, according to their needs and goals.

Whether you’re seeking to release tension, improve flexibility, or enhance overall well-being, our expert instructors are here to guide you.

Chuan Studio Singapore’s Approach to Somatic Exercise

Through gentle movements and mindful awareness, ChuanStudio will help you relieve chronic tension, reset your nervous system, and rediscover your body’s natural ease and freedom of movement.


Our experienced and certified instructors offer personalised sessions that cater to your unique needs, fostering deep relaxation, stress management, and lasting pain relief.


ChuanStudio provides a comprehensive approach to building core strength, improving posture, and increasing flexibility. Our classes are led by experienced instructors committed to creating a holistic mind-body experience. Experience the joy of Pilates as you sculpt and tone your muscles, leaving each session feeling energised and centred.


Embark on a movement journey with Gyrotonic®, an exercise system inspired by dance, yoga, and swimming. Our classes incorporate fluid, circular movements that promote joint mobility, spinal health, and improved balance. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer, our experienced instructors will guide you through the movements that enhance your flexibility and well-being.


Why Choose Chuan Studio Pte Ltd?

Passionate instructors. Chuan Studio Pte Ltd houses a team of dedicated and qualified instructors, each with a wealth of experience and a commitment to your well-being. They seek to empower you with knowledge, nurture your growth, and provide a safe and supportive environment for your movement journey. You can rest assured that our instructors will guide you every step of the way.


A studio for all. Chuan studio welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, body types, and fitness levels. Whether you’re seeking stress relief or recovering from an injury, our holistic approach to exercise ensures that you’ll find the perfect movement practice to suit your needs.


Classes tailored just for you. We offer private 1-on-1 and semi-private 1-on-2 sessions, ensuring that you receive personalised attention. This enables you to progress at your own pace and maximise the benefits of each movement method.

Join Our Community and Get Started Today

At Chuan Studio, we are passionate about mindful movement and holistic involvement.


Are you ready to embrace the power of somatic movement? Take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life by joining our studio today.

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Chuan Studio (S) Pte Ltd

Stamford Court, #04-11A/ 12
61 Stamford Road
Singapore 178892

Whatsapp: +65 9140 2307


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